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中学時代よりボーカリストとして音楽活動を開始。15歳でHIPHOPと出会い、“ラップ”という表現方法を身につけるとその噂は瞬く間にJAPANESE HIPHOP界に広がり、RHYMESTERやZEEBRA、加藤ミリヤなど錚々たる面々からの客演オファーが殺到した。B-BOY PARK MCバトルで女性至上唯一のファイナリストの功績を残し、日本語ラップ界のNo.1女性MCとの賞賛を受けたそのラップの技術は、誰の耳にも確かだ。

しかしそれだけには止まらず、アルバム「RED NAKED」でメジャーデビューを果たすと、その類い稀な歌唱力やファッション性にも話題が集まる。
さらに近年ではメジャーを離脱し、より自己に忠実な表現を行なうために自らのレーベル/マネジメント「Queen's room」を設立。
生バンドのサウンドを主体とした楽曲を基調に、「太陽を呼ぶ少年」「GOLDEN SOURCE」といった作品を精力的にリリースする。

Her powerful rap and sing to shake the soul of those who listen, illuminate the people in the energy overflowing like the sun.
hiphop,r&b,jazz,funk... rich groove feeling and hot passion that was affected in black music, such as has been jammed to the music of COMA-CHI.

She started her music career as a vocalist than junior high school age. When she meets the hiphop music and become do rappin' at the age of 15, it spread to japanese hiphop boundaries between the rumor quickly.
then guest appearance offer was flooded from celebrities (such as RHYMESTER and ZEEBRA,Kato Miliyah...etc) to her.
Leaving the achievements of female supremacy only finalists in the B-BOY PARK MC Battle, her rap skills that has received the praise of the No.1 female MC of Japanese rap world, but certainly to anyone's ears.

But it only can not stop, when she release a major debut album "RED NAKED", topic gather in marvelous vocals and also her fashion.
Further withdrawal measures in recent years, founded the "Queen's room" own label / management in order to perform a more self to the faithful representation.
To keynote the music that was mainly the sound of the live band, we will energetically release the work, such as "the boy called the sun", "GOLDEN SOURCE".
Genuine Independent Woman, this is a COMA-CHI.